Support programmes for translators

To foster the translation and the dissemination of foreign works in France, and of French works, in all their diversity, in other countries.

Travel bursary for foreign translators

This bursary is intended for foreign translators who wish to spend time in France to accomplish a translation project of a French work into their own language, intended for publication. Candidates must have at least one translation published by a commercial publisher, whose theme is the same as one of the CNL’s commissions.

Grant for translators

This grant provides a financial complement for a translator engaged in a translation project into French of a particularly demanding foreign work, the book being intended for publication.
It is obtainable by Francophone translators, who have at least one translation published by a commercial publisher whose theme is the same as one of the CNL’s commissions. Its purpose is to help them accomplish their project of translating a foreign work into French for publication.

Bourses de résidence

Cette aide vise à attribuer une rémunération à des écrivains, illustrateurs ou traducteurs invités en résidence par une structure pour leur permettre de mener à bien un projet d’écriture, d’illustration ou de traduction, relevant des champs documentaires du CNL (cf. liste des commissions du CNL et leurs périmètres), ainsi qu’un projet d’animation littéraire élaboré conjointement avec la structure d’accueil.

Dépôt des dossiers en ligne


The commissions meet three times a year.

The deadline dates for submission of dossiers to the CNL are as follows:

  • 31 October for the January-February session
  • 20 February for the May-June session
  • 10 June for the October session

Only complete dossiers which meet the eligibility criteria will be considered by the commissions.

Travel bursary for foreign translators:

Application dossiers are transmitted to the CNL by the cultural departments of French Embassies, accompanied by a detailed opinion.

In order to receive the contact details of the cultural departments, consult the FranceLivre directory.