Support programmes for publishing costs

These awards are intended to increase the risk-taking capacity of professional publishers by supporting the publication and the distribution of excellent works, whether historic or contemporary, intended for a large and diverse readership, but which have a slow selling cycle.

These programmes are intended for French-language publishers governed by private law, and whose principal and consistent activity is that of publishing, disseminating, and distributing works within all geographic areas of France, in accordance with the legal and financial prerequisites of the publishing process.

Subsidies for the publication of a book

This award is designed to cover the publication costs of excellent works – in French or in languages spoken in France – whether historic or contemporary.

Financing loans to publishing companies

Support the development and foster the longevity of independent publishers.


Librairie de la danse

Dans le cadre de sa politique de soutien à la Danse, le Ministère de la culture et de la communication souhaite encourager la créativité et la recherche, en favorisant l’écriture, la publication et la diffusion d’ouvrages relatifs à cette discipline.
Cette politique correspond aux objectifs du Centre national du livre de soutien à l’écriture, à la traduction et à la publication d’ouvrages de référence.

Subvention au développement des maisons d'édition

Cette aide vise à soutenir les éditeurs qui cherchent à développer leur activité par la publication de livres numériques ou par la promotion de leurs ouvrages et de leurs auteurs.


The application calendar

The three publication dates are:

  • 31 October for the January-February session
  • 20 February for the May-June session
  • 10 June for the October session

Only application dossiers that are complete and that fulfil the eligibility criteria will be transmitted to the commissions for consideration.

Financing loans to publishing companies:

The committee for aid to companies meets five times per year, from February to November. The application dossiers must be submitted at least one month before each committee meeting.