La rémunération des auteurs dans les manifestations soutenues par le CNL

Les organisateurs de manifestations soutenues par le CNL devront rémunérer les auteurs qui participent à des rencontres. 

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Nouvelle grille tarifaire 2018 !

Vous trouverez ci-contre la grille de tarifs applicables par les structures soutenues par le Centre national du livre (CNL) pour la rémunération des auteurs intervenant dans des manifestations littéraires et programmes d’éducation artistique et culturelle.

Subsidies for the organization of literary events

This support, in the form of a subsidy, subsidy is intended to permit the realization of ambitious, quality events focused on the book and appealing to as wide a public as possible.

Eligibility criteria

All corporate bodies may apply, whatever their status, as long as their head office and activities are on French territory and the event in question is non-profit making.

The object of the event must be to valorise the book. It must take place in the presence of, or in association with people working in book industry (authors, translators, publishers, booksellers, librarians) who are firmly implanted in the region thanks to solid partnerships with local players.

The events must be clearly identified and limited in time. They may take different forms such as salons, book fairs, festivals, literary get-togethers, readings with the authors... The application dossier must be presented at least four months before the event is scheduled to begin.

Only one request per organization and per year can be accepted.

Admissibility of application dossiers

The following projects would be inadmissible and consequently could not be submitted to the competent commission:

  • All projects that have taken place before the commission has examined them
  • Events whose aim is essentially commercial
  • Certain types of event: colloquiums and conferences, organized readings without the author’s presence, literary prizes, expositions.
  • Events that focus on the development of reading skills (illiteracy, specific audiences)
  • Projects intended for to improve competence: training and the acquisition of professional skills
  • Activities of artistic education and events organized in schools; events focusing on domains other than the book
  • Events that enter into the category of the usual activities of a municipal library, a cultural centre, a book shop or any other structure with a cultural vocation

The application dossier

Documents to be submitted with the application:

  • application form completed
  • the aims of the event
  • date(s) and location(s) of the du project
  • description of the event concerned by the application: theme, contents, name of established authors (mention their nationality), target public, details of the programme each day
  • list of the various partners involved
  • provisional separate budget for the event, dated, signed with mention of financial partners and subsidies requested (costs and revenue must balance up);
  • actual separate budget, dated and signed, for the previous event, mentioning financial partners and the amount of subsidies obtained (costs and revenue must balance up)
  • a report of the previous event, including figures of frequentation, list of authors welcomed, turnover of booksellers…
  • press review, all the communication tools of the previous event (programme, poster…)
  • statutes (initialled, dated and signed), list of the board of directors or the bureau for associations, declaration in the Journal Officiel, minutes of the last general assembly
  • income statement for the previous financial year (separate and specific to the event, dated and signed)
  • bank details

For first applications:

  • copy of the declaration submitted to the Prefecture or a copy of the publication in the Journal Officiel
  • report giving results of previous operations in the literary domain (themes, contents, participants, public present, financial partners, locations...)

Application submission deadline:

For literary events:

  • February 17 for the May commission
  • June 16 for the September commission
  • November 20 for the January commission

A copy of your application dossier should be sent to "

For literary events organized in the context of the ‘Printemps des poètes’:

  • November 20

The commissions are held between 8 and 10 weeks after the dates of submission.

Only complete dossiers fulfilling all the criteria of eligibility will be presented to the commissions.

Attribution criteria

All requests are presented and examined by the ‘Vie Littéraire’ commission. The competent commission makes its decision in view of the momentum of the project (national, even international), the geographical implantation of the event , the quality of the programme, the involvement of people in different sectors of the publishing industry, the presence of independent booksellers and small publishers, the reception and remuneration given to participating authors, the pricing policy…

The Drac’s advisors on reading and books are systematically consulted and are present when dossiers concerning their region are being examined.

Members of the commission give an opinion on each request. In the light of their opinions, the decision to grant, refuse or suspend the final decision is taken by the president of the CNL.

Assessment criteria

  • the impact of the project, at least regionally
  • geographical implantation of the event
  • quality of the literary programme (debates, meetings, readings... )
  • involvement of people in different sectors of publishing
  • presence of one or more independent book sellers
  • conditions suitable for the representation of small publishers
  • quality of welcome and remuneration of authors
  • originality and potential ability to renew the choice of authors presented
  • guarantee of the widest possible attendance by an adapted price policy

Potential award amount

The amount of the subsidy is calculated in consideration of the provisional budget, on those costs pertaining to literary activities: travelling costs, accommodation and remuneration of authors, translators, hosts of meetings and debates.

Payment methods

The subsidy will be paid in one single deposit into the account of the party making the application, after all the supporting documents requested have been supplied. If the application dossier has not been completed in the two months following the notification, it will be assumed that the applicant has relinquished the subsidy granted.

The Centre national du Livre logo must appear on the communication tools for the event, respecting the graphic chart, and after being submitted to the department des relations extérieurs for validation.

Contact Information

Centre national du livre
Hôtel d’Avejan
53 rue de Verneuil
75007 Paris

Le département des relations extérieures

Partir en Livre 2019 : appel à projet pour la labellisation

Organisé par le Centre national du livre (CNL) sous l’impulsion du ministère de la Culture, Partir en livre sort les livres des étagères pour aller à la rencontre des jeunes publics sur leurs lieux et temps de loisirs, afin de transmettre le plaisir de lire.

Sa 5e édition se tiendra sur tout le territoire du 10 au 21 juillet 2019.

Très prochainement, vous trouverez ici toutes les informations pour candidater à l'appel à projets du CNL dédié aux « événements régionaux labellisés » de Partir en livre 2019.